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PECHS Block 6 Opp MacDonald's Karachi

Plan a Premier Trip To Unrivaled Beach Of Karachi

Guess what is the most searched and visited tourist destinations in KARACHI..? Beaches of course.
Knowing that Karachi holds aesthetically extensive BEAUTIFUL beaches, the quest of finding the cleanest one was never ending. Luckily, after hitting 6 popular beaches of Karachi, I finally found one. Turtle Beach!

What features make Turtle Beach “THE ONE”?

– Calm and Composed environment
– Crystal clear waves of the Blue-Green ocean
– Soft and sloppy Seashore
– No hygiene and sanitary problems
– Polished Huts available for rent at cheap and reasonable prices
– No security issue
-Only 40 minutes drive away from the main city

Things to do at Turtle Beach

– Let the ripples of the ocean kiss your feet
– Pick a boat and travel over the unexpected world beneath
– Ride a horse and feel the air gushing through your hair
– Enjoy toning and froing ride of royals of the Desert- Camels of course
– Lit a bonfire and circle it with your friends and family
– Try a barbeque with the shenanigans of sea breeze
– And of course, take sand-dunes of pictures and make a lot of memories

How to make your stay comfortable and joyful

– Book a chalet prior to going
– Take all the snacks/food you will need there with you
– Charge the batteries of your gadgets

Why wait now? Spend your weekend in a naturally healthy destination with your loved-ones. Refreshing your mind & body from the hectic routine of studies and work. Good luck and Happy traveling!

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